For Speakers

  • Prepare presentation slides briefly to fit into the assigned presentation slots. Please follow the instructions of the session chair and stop when signalled to do so by the Chair.
  • Users of Mac PC should assure compatibility of their presentation with the Windows system used at the lectern.
  • Please try to avoid using personal laptops to minimise the time consumption between sessions.
  • Videography is strictly not allowed inside the conference room. If at all you wish to take video of presentation take prior approval from session’s Chair, respected Speaker and inform that to organisers.
  • Q&A session will take place after finishing the speak, So, note down your queries and wait till speaker finishes his talk. Do not interrupt in between speaks.
  • Thanks, acknowledgement of the speakers will take place during the session or after completion of the session, so please stay until the session ends.

Basic presentation requirements

  • Presentation format: PPT.doc or PPT.docx.
  • Windows -compatible presentation.
  • Make sure video size should be small.
  • Each slide should be concise and readable from a distance; include only key words and phrases for visual reinforcement. Avoid lengthy text.

AV Set up

  • Basic AV setup will be provided: laser pointer, cordless mike, desktop mike, basic sound system.
  • If you have any audio/video to be played, they should be checked in with the AV technical team 24 hours before your presentation.
  • Mail your presentation to the designated conference email ID at least 3 days before commencement of the conference.
  • All presentations will be downloaded to your session room on the day of your presentation.
  • The presentations will be loaded prior to your session with the name "first name, last name and date / session" OR upload your presentation at the registration desk.
  • It is recommended to upload your presentation 3 days before the conference start date. If you are unable to send it, you can always upload your presentation (save the presentation on a USB Flash drive) at the lectern during the break preceding your scheduled presentation. The USB Flash drive will be scanned before transferring the presentation to the presentation folder.
  • Once you have completed your presentation it will be permanently removed. (Optionally it may be selected for the presentation library maintained by USG.)
  • Appropriate extension usage: use .PPTX, .PPSX if saving from PowerPoint 2007/2008/2010/2011 format or use .PPT or .PPS if saving to an earlier-version format or saving from an earlier version.
  • Copy the media file to the folder where the PowerPoint file is, and only then insert it; otherwise links to most media files will break.
  • AVI or MPEG are better choice files for videos or sounds.
  • Usage of fonts: Arial, Times New Roman are preferred.