About Us

The raise in global Biotechnology products has tremendously influenced our lives; especially, these products played a vital role in treating several diseases which were once considered untreatable. This field is ever-growing and its expansion into different industries is inevitable. Biopharma 2020 proudly welcomes all the Students, Scientists, Researchers, and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, R&D Researchers from Biopharma, Biotech, and Pharma Industries, CROs and Medical Device Manufacturing Companies, etc.


Biopharma 2020 provides an international platform to connect active researchers, industrialists and academicians from around the globe to share their views and knowledge on a wide range of topics including Latest Trends in Biotechnology & Pharmacology, Advanced Bioinformatics, Pharmacovigilance, Biomedical Engineering, Challenges in Clinical Trails, Molecular Biotechnology, Applications of Biotechnology, Drug Design and Development, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Biotechnology, etc.


Biopharma 2020 serves as an excellent platform for representatives from academic and industrial background to share their experiences and innovations with the scientific community. The theme of our congress is “Explore the Diverse Applications of Biotechnology and Pharmacology”. We take the great privilege to host high-level keynote presentations by renowned experts in the field, oral presentations by our esteemed speakers, poster presentation sessions by young researchers and students, workshops and networking opportunities.